Talks and presentations

Kolkman, D.A., S. Bloemhof (2017), Data science and the Agrofood sector. Presentation at the Growth Campus Big Data Event, Den Bosch.

Kolkman, D.A. (2017), On the relevance and credibility of computational models to policy makers. Presentation at the University of Leiden.

Kolkman, D.A. (2016), The (in)credibility of data science methods to non-experts. Presentation at the 4S/EASST conference in Barcelona.

Kolkman, D.A. (2015), Computational models that inform government. Preseentation at the PGR conference, University of Surrey.

Kolkman, D.A. (2015), Computational models and policy making. Presentation at the WholeSEM annual conference, Cambridge.

Alkan, A. D.A.Kolkman, J. Rozema, L. Sievers, P. Riousset (2015), Research Gaps in IA modelling. Presentation at the LIAISE network conference, Brussels.

Kolkman, D.A. (2014), Computational models in public sector policy making. Presentation at the LIAISE Offspring network, Berlin.