My academic focus is on the sociology of quantification, intelligent decision support decision systems (e.g. machine learning, artificial intelligence), and organizational decision making. Broadly, I am interested in how people and organizations make decisions based on quantitative evidence in practice.

I have collaborated on academic projects with the Department for Work and Pensions, the Department for Energy and Climate Change, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, the Netherlands Land Registry, and the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis.

In progress

“But the Computer Said!”: Why the right not to be subject to decision based solely on automated processing is not enough

Recommendation engines for decision support in retail site selection

Data Science Maturity and Organizational Capabilities. With B.Bosma, A. van den Oord, J.A. van der Born, P. Pruffer, A. van Witteloostuijn.

Can data-driven decision making succeed where evidence-based management failed? with J.A. van den Born

Responsible data science: transparency to whom? with J. Kemper

The (in)credibility of data science methods to non experts

Published (for an up-to-date list, see Google Scholar)

Kolkman, D.A. and J. Kemper (2017), Glitch Studies and the Ambiguous Objectivity of Algorithms. SSRN

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Other publications

Kolkman, D.A. (2016), Maintenance in progress? The Maintainers. Text available online

Kolkman, D.A. (2014), The Tower of David: Emergence and Urban Development. Sustainable cities collective. Text available online

Kolkman, D.A. (2013), Urban Design: Walt Disney and Jane Jacobs. Sustainable cities collective. Text available online